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August 10, 2021


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Jim Paxson with the Arizona Game & Fish Department is here for another update!

  • The success of the growing antelope herds in Southern Arizona.
  • The trouble with mesquite trees in Arizona and the trouble with keeping them under control.
  • Update on the Sandhill Cranes in Southern Arizona.
  • Here’s a video of the ultralight flyer used to train geese.


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Certified Arborist & owner of Integrity Tree Service, John Eisenhower is here to talk trees!

Tree of the Month: John is focusing on “Weeping Trees” like the Weeping Acacia or Lysiloma Tree . John talks about why they’re great in Arizona.

  • Find great desert trees, here. They’ll give you the bloom color and cycle, plus the canopy size and how much space the mature trees will need. Make your yard bright all yearround.
  • Water Use It Wisely has a new contest, Drab-to-Fab. Sigg up to win here!


  • Joe – He has an elm tree that has fallen over twice. He was about to take it out, but the leaves are coming back. Should he replant the tree or is it going to come back?

Recommendation – Elms are deciduous, so don’t be concerned if the leaves drop over the winter season.  This is a common mistake by homeowner’s. Some small signs of life doesn’t neccessarily mean it will recover.

  • Mike – He has 2 mature sissou trees in his yard and he removed the trees a couple years ago. He has hundreds of shoots in his yard and went through extensive measures to get rid of it. Listen to how much he did! Now, it’s coming back!? He has not had a lawn for over a year now because the shoots are back.

Recommendation – We’ll address it in the next segment.

9:00 AM | On The House Hour

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We’re here with Tony, owner of Temperature Control Inc. to talk AC and to get you ready for summer heat!

  • Mistakes made when you try to control your Air Conditioning bills.
  • Choose the right payment plans with utility companies.
  • Learn about “Super Cooling” It works!!!
  • Air Conditioning Tune-ups and what that includes and why it’s important.
  • Ways to test your system yourself.
  • Why it takes an expert to fine tune your system to make sure it’s running at full efficiency.
  • SEAR ratings & how they are measured.
  • Common problems with ductwork.

10:00 AM | Open Home Hour

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Back to Home Improvement & Flipped Homes!

  • A story about a former Rosie staff member who flipped homes and lost out, unfortunately.
  • Where the housing market is compared to the highest point in Arizona.
  • How some benefitted from flipping and how it all went wrong.
  • Rosie’s Red flags on Flipped Homes, along with a recent horror story.

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