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June 18, 2022

9:00 AM | On The House Hour

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Bobby Sefarin of Rosie Certifed Mission Hardwood Floor Company discusses everything hardwood floors.

The deal about bamboo flooring.  Its a hardwood!

The evolution of wood flooring in Arizona.

Explains today’s method of installing hardwood much different than years ago with lots of layers.  Bobby explains the two layer system with moisture vapor barrier on the slab and glued planks on top.

Mission Hardwood’s best sellers of floor.

Discussion of removing and installing a hardwood floor in a remodeling project.


On The House Hour: Proper Floor Prep Is Key To Good Flooring Installation

When installing new flooring, whether it’s wood, vinyl, tile, natural stone, or carpet, the key to proper installation and long-term durability is the condition of the surface upon which it is set. You must take the proper steps while preparing the surface before placing a new product upon it. The surface, which is usually concrete, must be cleared of debris, cleaned, and repaired before installation. If it is not properly prepared and maintained before laying a new flooring system, many problems can arise, including…



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