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March 18, 2023

9:00 AM | On The House Hour

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Steps For First Time Home Buyers


  • Clark determined he has a water supply line leak by shutting off the valve cock.  Monitoring the meter, he’s losing a cubic foot water per hour.  Could he use a lining technique or replace the entire line.  No sign on the surface where the leak is coming from.  Rosie suggests a soil probe and explains how to use it


  • Step one for first time home buyers:  Deal with a smart, reliable realtor
    • Get a home inspection done
    • Find a home in as close as original condition as possible


Tips For The First-Time Homebuyer


On The House Topic | Tips For The First-Time Homebuyer… Or the second, third, fourth time homebuyer. Buying your first home can be exciting and probably a touch scary as well. You have saved up your down payment for years, have been smart in establishing great credit, and are ready to “take the plunge” into home ownership. First of all, congratulations! This is a huge step toward solidifying your future both financially and physically. Rosie on the House looks at some aspects of buying your first home (or next home) and points you may want to consider as you move through the homebuying process…. READ MORE IN THIS BLOG>> and scroll below for a breakout of each segment in this podcast with resource links.

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