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September 10, 2022

10:00 AM | Open Home Hour

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Moment to remember 9/11.

Regarding a previous caller on fly infestation in the home.  We discuss some fixes from bug zappers, bug-a-salt, fly predators and more.

Listener inquiry about replacing their asbestos shingle roof with cement tile.  When the home was purchased, they were told the roof deck would support tile.  Rosie has some thoughts including could they install a metal roof?


10AM | Open Home Hour! Homeowner Topic:

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Weekly To-Do Topic: #WindowTreatments – READ MORE>> | Window Treatments like blinds and curtains are more than fancy outfits for your naked windows – they can help you regulate the light, and most importantly – temperature, of your home. Tune-in! We’ll talk about some of the different options available to you! 

Selecting the Right Window Treatments for Your Home
READ MORE>> Selecting the Right Window Treatments for Your Home


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