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August 15, 2015


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Special Guest Arizona Wildlife for Tomorrow Director Steve Hirsch.

Steve is a long time family friend and oldest sun of legendary Arizona Outdoorsman Bob Hirsch. He joins us to share stories of growing up in the Arizona outdoors and share his top five destinations/adventures.

  1. Sonoita Wine Country south of Tucson –
  2. Hunt Unit 6A/Mormon Lake/Stoneman Lake area southeast of Flagstaff –
  3. Christmas Tree Lake in the White Mountains –
  4. Grand Canyon –
  5. Lake Powell Houseboat Trip –


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Certified Arborist, John Eisenhower with Integrity Tree Service joins the show to answer your questions.

“Tree” of the Week: Not technicaly a tree, but today John talks about the sago palm.

We discuss sustainable pruning and what that means at your home or busines.

  • “Pruning is a combination of art & science”
  • John breaks down the “art” and shape of trees that will compliment the natural growth pattern.
  • John talks about the correct way to prune palo verde and how we usually do it.
  • Proper tree options to use for shade.

9:00 AM | On The House Hour

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Jeff from REEis & Andrew with Intelligent Design are In-studio to talk about saving money on your Air Conditioning bill.

  • Rosie talks about how to gage what your bills should be for AC during the summer.
  • Learn what “Base Load” is and how that will help guide your energy useage.
  • Don’t be scammed by tricky promises.
  • Your Windows are the biggest source of heat infiltrating your home.
  • Missing and low insulation in the attic is your #2 source causing high energy bills.
  • What is the “lowest hanging fruit” you should tackle to bring down your AC costs.
  • Properly using sun screens.


  • Terry – She had REEis seal up their duct work and just wanted to call in to say that the amount of dust in her home has decreased significantly. She’s very happy about it! AND the AC is much more efficient.
  • Choosing the correct air filter & how the return air flow effects your AC’s efficiency.

10:00 AM | Open Home Hour

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  • Paul – He had solar panels installed a few years ago and he got an energy audit done. They said he didn’t need anything and was losing about 10 percent. Is that okay?

Recommendation – Andrew thinks it should be okay at the 10 percent, but he could get a second opinion from Intelligent Design Air Conditioning & Heating.

  • Tom – His AC bills are extremely high and he’s had a motor replaced, but it seems like it won’t stop running. In the extreme heat, it wouldn’t get below 78 degrees. He’s also heard that the 80’s were bad for ductwork. He knows screens need to be installed & he’s got bad windows.

Recommendation – Duct work is usually metal from the 80’s and they’re almost never sealed up. That would cut down for sure. Consider “time of day” plan too. Get an energy audit done and add sun screens.

  • Roger – His Master Bedroom won’t stay cool and it’s all summer long. What should he do?

Recommendation – It’s usually a ductwork issue and Jeff is going to take a look at Roger’s home himself. The system is 10 years old and usually has some simple situations. (Adding a return air can always help)

  • Greg – He moved into his home and last month he switched his bill after realizing he was on a consumption plan. He switched to a “time of day” plan and it’s dropped his bill significantly!!!

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