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July 18, 2020

9:00 AM | On The House Hour

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Increase in sales of boats and RVs.

Rosie’s experience and tips on picking the right rural property.

Discussion of today’s manufactured homes.  How they got on Rosie’s radar and why you should at least consider them as an option.  One is price!   They’re not for community parks anymore

7/18/20 (running time 8-11AM)

Outdoor Living Hour – Notes from the Nursery

Join us as we cover Notes From The Nursery with Jay Harper: #MonsoonPrep

We will also be taking your landscape and garden questions so give us a call!

On The House Topic: The New Generation of Manufactured Housing

When was the last time you stepped inside a manufactured home? If you haven’t seen a manufactured home in the last decade you are in for a pleasant surprise! Gone are the days of your grandmother’s single wide trailer with paneling. The newer models are modern with.

Weekly Blog Article

Homeowner Topic: Open Home! 

Chat with Rosie & Romey! Got a Question? Call in!

Weekly To-Do Topic: #SummerPests | Discover the Palo Verde beetle!

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