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August 5, 2021


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In-Studio with Jay Harper with Harper’s Nursery & Landscaping Company and Ray Lopez with Scottsdale Weed Control and Fertilization!!

Tip of the Week:  We’re in the middle of pruning season for Roses and deciduous plants and time is running out, so that needs to get done now before it starts warming up.

**It’s also getting close to the time of year to get the ground and soil ready for the summer garden. Find all of the Harper guides here!  Jay loves the mix from Hickman’s Family Farm’s!


  • Louis – He planted a pear tree and the fruit is turning black, starting at the stem. What’s causing this?

Recommendation – It sounds like “fire blight.”  Jay likes this product from ferti-lome.

  • Andy – His yard is full of goat head weeds and he removed the weeds, but they left all the stickers on the ground and his dog keeps stepping on them. Is there something that he can use to pick them all up and to stop the cycle?

Recommendation – Pre-Emergent is the key!  It won’t stop the weeds that are there, but it will be completely gone in a few seasons. Use it every 6 months.

  • Ilene – Her shoestring acacia tree is leaving “white fuzzy ball” on the ground everywhere and she wants to know if there is a way to stop that?

Recommendation – The “white fuzzy balls” are actually the flower for the shoestring acacia tree, but there is a growth regulator that a professional could apply to stop them from blooming.

9:00 AM | On The House Hour

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We cover an issue from last week about Radon: 

  • Rosie share when and if she should be concerned.
  • Short Term Test Kits vs. Long Term Test Kits.They’re inexpensive and could help make sure you’re safe.
  • Run tests when the home is the most secure. (no windows or doors open, etc.
  • Radon is a leading cause of cancer, so be safe!
  • If you need help to get rid of it, call Arizona Foundation Solutions.


  • Glen – He can’t get his shower handle off, because of all the corrosion. How can he remove it?

Recommendation – We walk through several steps to removing it and some of the issues he may run into.  Using heat can often break lose hard to remove parts. Rosie also shares tips on saving money when replacing these parts.

10:00 AM | Open Home Hour

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**Kurt shares his “American Success Story” with us!

  • Rosie and Kurt discuss the Cost versus Value of bathroom remodels.
  • Average Costs, depending on needs.
  • Are you staying in the home (aging in place) or a remodel for function.
  • Don’t get “sticker shock.”  Understand what it takes for a transformation.
  • Using magazine photos or
  • Don’t go cheap! It’s the most used room in the house.
  • Benefits of a “Walk-In Tub”…..great for rehabbing after injuries, etc.

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