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Holiday Hospitality For Your Guests

Here's an overview of this week's four-hour homeowner radio broadcast



Here's an overview of this week's four-hour homeowner radio broadcast (running time 7-11 AM)

7am wakeup 2

Weekend Wake-Up Hour

Anne McGuffey LogoStart your mornings off with Rosie on the House as we talk about interesting people, places, and things around Arizona. This Saturday we chat with Health Coach & Avid Hiker Anne McGuffey about some of her most recent excursions around our great state!  

8am nurserynotes 2

Outdoor Living Hour - With Jay Harper


Jay Harper of The Farm's Choice is in studio this weekend talking about how to get your garden growing! 

9am DIYhour 2

Homeowner Topic: Open Lines!

The lines, email and text are open for your DIY questions!

10am topicoftheweek 2

Homeowner Topic: Holiday Hospitality for Your Guests

Oldcastle logo NLWhat home upgrades can you make that would help your holiday guests comfy? Tune-in as we talk with Oldcastle Superlite about easy upgrades that won't break the bank. 

7:00AM - The Weekend Wake Up! Anne McGuffey/Wellness Coach & Arizona Trail Hiker



Segment 1 (running time )

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Anne McGuffey Energy Medicine & Wellness Coach and has hiked the entire 800 miles of the  Arizona Trail in 75 days!

Anne coaches anyone who wants to stay healthy at any age.

Describes why she got the idea to hike the Arizona Trail.  

Talks about her preparation for the hike from equiptment to nutrition.  She preped for 2 years.

Describes the beginning of the hike at the border fence.

Segment 2 (running time )

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Anne's nickname:  Wonder Woman!

Written an e-book Trail Recipes: Whole Foods To Fuel Your Hike

Talks about nutrition list for her hike.

Shares ideas on how you can pack foods you enjoy and what food you should think about.

Segment 3 (running time )

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History of the trail and finishers who hiked The Arizona Trail.

Hikers and trail bikers.

Shoes and socks suggestions for hiking.

How much water to carry in your pack.

Water caches.

Uses a treking umbrella to keep shaded during the hike.

Treatment of water from various sources and cattle tanks.

Pack description.

Segment 4 (running time )

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How she got the name 'Wonder Woman'.

Talks about her favorite segments of The Arizona Trail.   There are 43 segment total.  

Arizona Staycations

8:00AM - Outdoor Living: Notes from the Nursery with Jay Harper



Segment 1 (running time )

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Jay Harper of Farms Choice talks about lawn maintenance and irrigation adjustments you should make for November.

Perfect time to plant garden now.  Rose maintenance.  Citrus fruits starting to ripen.

Listener can't seem to grow grass in the backyard.  Dirt has a dusty look.

For a rye grass lawn, always keep extra seed for repair of weak spots.

Segment 2 (running time )

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Jay talks about organic fertilizer choices from Farms Choice

Arizona Farm Bureau

Thanksgiving conversation.

Segment 3 (running time )

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Favorite sides with Thanksgiving turkey.

Recipes and farmers markets at Fill Your Plate

Gardening and mowing great ways to exercise your body and mental health :)

Radishes are easy to grow.  Great way to get kids involved in gardening.  Jay recommends to get kids to eat vegetables, let them grow them.

CALLER:  Having a hard time getting his spinich to grow.

Segment 4 (running time )

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Producer Garry D asked about growing bell peppers and getting them big enough to stuff.

CALLER:  Has a gopher problem and wants  suggestion to get rid of them.

LISTENER:  Is it too late to plant a tulip tree.

9:00AM - On The House Hour



Segment 1 (running time )

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Note about landscaping lightning and The Dark Sky Initiative.

Historic Phoenix District tour.

CALLER:  Can't seem to find a gas line to connect a dryer at his home.

CALLER:  Question about painting stucco in winter months.

Segment 2 (running time )

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Rosie sneaks in one very soft political comment.  Regarding Rosie's 8th Grade commencement program.

CALLER:  New built home owner has a horrible smell coming from a master bath sink and bathtub in the guest bathroom.

Segment 3 (running time )

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Rosie's has a solution for the caller's horrible smell in bathroom.

CALLER:  Has a woodpecker tapping on stucco house every day.  How to stop it.

Warning about fake kidnapping call scams and fake retail websites.

CALLER:  Homeowner had a knock on the door from a guy trying to sell him solar panels.

Rosie On The House Solar Trusted Partners

Segment 4 (running time )

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CALLER:  Getting rid of a pretty bad pigeon problem.  Making a mess.

CALLER:  Replacing warped vinyl pieces on a home.

10:00AM - Holiday Hospitality For Your Guests/Belgard Pavers



Segment 1 (running time )

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[00:00:09] And good morning all your.

[00:00:17] Little toe tapping what we've got going on here.

[00:00:20] Rosie on The House is that it puts you in the mood to put your arm around you sweet heart glide across the dance floor.

[00:00:36] I don't know what would you do to step going on right there let it roll get deep. Nathan you're a music consumer. You love music. How about this you I guess is good. That's fancy isn't it. That sounds good. Puts me right right in Diaz.

[00:01:00] How do you spell that. There's this restaurant back on yourself south Louisiana.

[00:01:08] And we were down there about 10 years ago with all the family and everybody kept talking about this new record we're talking about this story died 10 years ago.

[00:01:16] Twenty twenty twenty five years old was a new restaurant then. Our cousin kept saying Hey we're going to go just like that. So I was trying to find it in the phone book. I said How do you spell die's the was initial. I said oh that's classy. That is a classic Classic.

[00:01:44] I don't think there's any more I don't know that it was some of the best BBQ grab I ate my life and they always had good music. No man that was a right back.

[00:01:54] DIAZ Well we won't stay on food long but we had talked about it in the eight o'clock hour and we hunted with turkeys and I understand our bell guard master installer is product sales manager. He's got some turkey bones to pick with us. Aha. I

[00:02:10] was listening in to your comment about not eating turkey around because it wasn't good you know carrot peanut oil. I'm like you haven't tried it out of a pizza oven.

[00:02:18] I am. When he said Nathan age I said Well is it a pizza oven.

[00:02:22] I guess what they did was text us during the 8:00 o'clock hour when we were talking about preparing the turkey holiday feast with John Jay Harper. But let me get the proper introductions here. We've got Nathan Angell here joining us he's a repeat guest of the show we always love it when Nathan comes in. He is the bell guard sales manager and the ISAPI Southwest chapter president. We're going to talk a little bit about what those two designations bring and we talk a little bit about what's new going on at Bell guard pavers and how that can impact your quality of life particularly as it relates to living in your outdoor environment. But now with the introductions done let's talk turkey.

[00:03:03] Well Turkey loves turkey deep fried one for the office yesterday. Yes. I like fried turkey. It's good. We're going to probably get to have one for Thanksgiving coming up this week it's not at my house this year so. Well I will be making several though for leftovers. That's the one thing about not having it at your house all the leftover stay at that house. Yes that's right. I got to have some leftovers in the house so. That's right. Oh absolutely. Pizza is the way to go you get that part would flavor just like essentially like smoking it for 15 pound bird. I cook it in about an hour and a half hour 45 minutes to perfect.

[00:03:37] This is a turkey pizza. This is not a cold turkey in a pizza oven. You betcha. It's a wood fired oven. OK.

[00:03:44] Now how hot does.

[00:03:47] Do you have to get this because you do do your fire on the side.

[00:03:51] Started you get your pizza oven warm. So like our ovens from Chicago bake oven they are a they're made with full refractory mortar. So the whole oven is going to cook radiate direct heat as well as hot. The hot air. So yeah you get to start your oven about 45 minutes. The whole dome will be radiate heat and then you just keep warm. And then you push all the wood to the back and you keep it go going it'll be I keep it regulated about 500 degrees for that turkey.

[00:04:22] OK. So cooking at 500 degrees for an hour hour and a half. Yeah.

[00:04:27] Bryanna the turkey for a wood fired oven would be extremely important. Brian at the day ahead wet brine at Salt Sugar. OK talk to me about that. So tell me about your bride. My variety is. I use molasses instead of sugar cane. I like that deep flavor that gives you about a half a box of kosher salt lots of water so you know like a 5 gallon bucket I use a just a regular cooler and then fill it full ice. So I have I have a cooler to keep in the house and it's got written on it for food only. OK. So I just brined my turkeys or whatever I'm brining in that just throw at the garage or in the kitchen. Great minds think alike.

[00:05:02] OK. The same thing. OK. So the turkey gets dropped in the ice chest. Yep. And then what happens next.

[00:05:09] So like you cook the brine so that you really know that the salt has gotten into the water so you cook the brine in a big you know stockpot fill it full of water. You throw your salt in there your molasses. I use lemon juice and I just throw the whole lemons in as well. Celery carrots it's kind of almost like making a stock a little bit peppercorns cooked that up to you know the sugar and the salt of dissolved and pour that over the turkey course that's going to be piping hot. But then just fill the rest of the cooler full of water and throw throw about a 20 pound bag of ice on her you just covered the bird.

[00:05:46] I mean I just covered the bird with the liquid and the ice.

[00:05:49] Like how big is your stockpot. I mean when I when I take an ice chest big enough to Brian a tear gas can be like eighteen or twenty five CT guys. OK. Say so it sets in the bottom. And when I take my stockpile and I've got stock pots that you know feed small armies What do I want to cover the bird in that you don't need you don't need to cook.

[00:06:12] You don't need the brine you get in that big I just use a regular you know small stockpot just you do. Yeah. Yeah. Because you're just going to fill the to fill the you're going to cover the bird with water just right out of the sink. Or you can put it back into a bucket pour it in there.

[00:06:27] OK. So dump that in cover the bird with water and then fill it up fill it with ice so it stays nice and cold.

[00:06:34] OK but then you give it about 24 hours in that brine you'll end up with a juicy bird every time no matter how you cook it. Whether it's even in the oven I throw I throw them on the grill. I love the Semir I grab six seven eight turkeys. This time of year while they are inexpensive almost free essentially and I'll cook them all day all year long.

[00:06:55] I was at Safeway the other day and Dave says Mr. Romero based on the size of your ticket you get a free turkey. Sure. So why not take it and freeze it and cook it all year long. OK so we've brined Nathan's Turkey and you're going to put it in a pizza oven in your backyard. I am. How how how common are we seeing pizza ovens in backyards and how they're getting to be more and more common. Tell us about. Talk about the one you have.

[00:07:25] So we we sell both. Once you can do it yourself so it's a kit. So really. So we sell the dome and you can kind of you can match the materials around your house. We sell it to where it's a 30 comes pre-done with the powder coated metal finish on the outside and several different colors. And then we also sell in our elements which is a full built unit that would come and codirector would forklift it in your backyard and you're ready to go.

[00:07:51] That's kind of a cool one because you basically pour your foundation and then the entire unit gets delivered and you just drop it in place and boom you're done.

[00:08:01] Absolutely absolutely we're finding with the labor kind of crunch that's out there in the market. Even a lot of contractors are finally going Yeah you know what this is this is a great way for me to get off the job sooner and homeowners are going yeah I'd like you to get off the jobs or so and I'm sure my pizza oven. I'm sure their styles and styles and things but what's my starting ticket price to get that dropped and the rockets are roughly going to cost you about $2500 cheaper than some of the ovens there. Amen. Amen. And you cannot you cannot be anything you can bake or grill or you can put it in a pizza oven.

[00:08:39] I'd stay out outside. Heat stays outside. You're not heating up the kitchen. Amen.

[00:08:44] I got a bread crafters book and it talks about dorm cooking and it seems like it would be a solution for that too.

[00:08:50] Absolutely. Bread in it. You would you would pull the direct heat out of it and then there just the radiant heat is going to make that bread for you.

[00:08:57] And you eat everything. Daddy knows what he's going for Chris and I use.

[00:09:04] I've got two different bends I keep two different woods. I use Apple for my pizzas so that doesn't impart a heavy smoker flavor in and use and then I use either mesquite or hickory for all my work all my meats and that includes the turkey. OK great.

[00:09:19] And I know the topic today is hospitality. This is a big part of hospitality we're not off topic right. Right right. I'll tell you what we did forget was give away our coyote's tickets in the 9:00 hour. I completely blew past that on my show log. So we have Kerry saying we'll give away next prize. Give me two minutes to figure it out. This is four. Are they going to win. Friday November 24th 7:00. Puck dropped against the Los Angeles Kings. OK they're having a job next Friday. I had a tough year this year. Very tough.

[00:09:49] But the game is always fun to watch. So you're giving away two tickets at the end of this next segment. I got it for you. I'm going to do it. OK. It might it might be a trivia question having to do with how Nathan likes his turkeys cooked. OK. It might be. I would say it might be. Nathan Angel sales manager of Bell Guard. Let's talk a little bit about the other products you have so you all have various types of pizza ovens that are now showing up in designs for backyards. What else have you got going on.

[00:10:22] We've got the entire element's line fire pits etc. are we got of course got to pay for line which were we're you know nationally known. And we've got new retaining walls we're now offering. We've got a great new product that I want to talk to you today about as well which is dry bond which is a essentially a way for us now to overlay has always been one of your favorite topics. I love overlay. Now we can use those same 30 mill overlays are in your driveway. I've answered several questions for your listeners about being able to just take their existing concrete driveway and can they just put pavers right over the top of it. And it's been a little bit challenging in the past using full height pavers. Now we can use the 30 millimeter thin pavers right on top of concrete.

[00:11:03] Well I love the overlayed because they make such a great alternative and solution for our remodeling company. When people are just tired of stepping out the back door to that boring gray cracked concrete slab Amen. And y'all can come in overlay the patio in a handsome paver and then extend the patio any direction you want with the matching full sized paper and you're like doubling or tripling quadrupling the size of your patio. Absolutely and a handsome painter. And then I I still like the dog.

[00:11:40] Well I'm sorry to disappoint you but we actually eliminated that color this year. You did. We've got a better white cement color for you Luna. I'll show you some pictures of that. I'll send you some pictures.

[00:11:50] I've always loved the lighter color for the lack of heat gain.


Segment 2 (running time )

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[00:00:00] I'll be home for Christmas.

[00:00:06] Just to wait and see. What is this.

[00:00:15] The one and only Tony Bennett. I know Thanksgiving has to come first before Christmas but it's hot holiday hospitality. That's right. That's what we're doing. I blogged today talks about making the house comfortable for a holiday visitors and little tips and tricks and tactics with the big family we've got from located pretty much all over the globe.

[00:00:36] We've assembled a few little tips that we can share with you on things that make it a little bit more comfortable and easier for the visitors to settle and get comfortable and people. People always say if you make them too comfortable they'll stay too long.

[00:00:50] Well at Romeo's house at my house there's always horses to feed dogs to feed horses to scoop dogs to scoop lawns to mow trees to trim.

[00:01:04] So I guess in my opinion never stay long enough.

[00:01:07] I wear I wear them out after about 34 and they hit the road but in our blog Rosie-Ann SatCom you'll find a few tips and tricks to make your holiday guests a little bit more comfortable here. Talking about changing and upgrading seriously upgrading your quality of life. Once you step into your backyard with sales manager of Bell guard Mr. Nathan Angel He's also the ICP by Southwest chapter president.

[00:01:32] What is that ICP does the interlocking concrete pavement institutes or its governing body of our industry. So essentially the industry puts out standards with which paper should be installed. We certify contractors with an ICP certification on a certification course for contractors are in the valley. Yes Thursday and Friday. So it's a great way for homeowners to ensure that they're getting someone that's qualified. It's not just finding a contractor that slaps it on their vehicle it says we'd sell papers.

[00:02:05] There are qualifications and we've talked about this in the past. I mean I've I've done pavers in my backyard and I've done the dry stack retaining walls and planters in my back yard. The pavers were 10 times harder to do it than the stacking wall to do them correctly yes there's a lot of labor involved.

[00:02:23] So on a stacking wall you only have to get the first leg trouble. That's one way to get them all perfect at talking about backbreaking.

[00:02:33] There's a lot of equipment involved to make sure it's done properly and easier. So let the contractor handle that. There's a lot of qualified guys out here in our market and qualified means I CPI certify ISAPI certified and if you go to our Web site Belgorod look for a local contractor a builder an authorized contractor. We require all of our Belgorod authorized contractors to get ISAPI certified and maintain that certification.

[00:02:58] So they're learning how to do it and just talk real briefly through the right paver installation because I think some people try and pick up a pallet and do it themselves on top of a layer of sand and be done with it. Let's talk real quick about the project that needs to be done to do it right.

[00:03:16] Absolutely. Every job no matter where you're at located in the valley needs proper base material and that's that's like a road based material what we call mag spec ABC. There's a lot of bad material suppliers out there as well are the supplies of AB really use like something called riverboat Amoebe or certain suppliers will try to sell you quarter minus which is a better price. Crushed granite right. That's that's not the right material either and some contractors Unfortunately that are not in the know.

[00:03:43] Also try to get out there and use a quarter minus because it's less expensive. It is not the way to do it. We need that mag spec AB put in your pedestrian areas or your back patios. Four inches is the proper amount they're compacted.

[00:03:56] So I want I want my paver sidewalk to come up to my front door and result in a four inch step up into my house.

[00:04:05] So I'm over excavating four inches of that paver. Mm hmm.

[00:04:10] On the depth of the paver depth of the pavers two and three eights typically plus plus 1 inches sand plus four inches a base. So

[00:04:18] you're you're excavating quite You're laying out the area and then you're excavating down that distance.

[00:04:24] So almost seven and a half seven and a half inches. So that's a lot of backbreaking excavation there. What happens next. So after you're after you compact you or your base and get that in we're going to screen out one inch of sand so get some one inch. We usually recommend gas pipe because it doesn't flex or move. OK. One inch outside diameter screed the bedding sandwich is going to be a concrete and you pull your pipes fill in those gaps and then you certainly and your pavers find a nice square corner usually just you know do two or three four or five right triangle or get yourself a carpenter Square and just know you're starting in a nice square area and then we call back and filled with cuts later.

[00:05:06] I'm talking about that sidewalk leading up to the front door what do I do with the edges. How do I hold it all together.

[00:05:11] Plus it's going to be the most easy way for a homeowner do it. OK.

[00:05:16] So we'll we'll have them install your base six inches extra on each side. So wider. Six inches wider so that we take the 10 inch landscapes spikes and we spike down the plus to get into the base material not in the native soil.

[00:05:30] OK. And we're compacting the base. And in either case compacting the soil Champa a little like compacter. Correct. Yes we're going to compact our soil first we're going to compact each about two inches a base at a time. But the most we can compact about 15 minutes on one of those plate compact just convinces most people I should have called somebody correct. Well even just getting it home or not they're not light pieces of equipment here with Nathan Angel sales manager of Belgarath pavers we're going to talk a little bit more about what you can do in about and around your backyard and front yard to change the outdoor living environment of your house.

[00:06:07] We've been putting in Belgorod for ever. I love the product. Wherever you are in the state of Arizona they work high. They work low and everyplace in-between. So more with Nathan when we get back right here at Rozi that's.


Segment 3 (running time )

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[00:00:07] Funny text or building. I have stone in my yard. Can you do it yourself method installed pavers in the area.

[00:00:16] Before I had an opportunity to answer that as you all are talking through the text back and said convince me it's not a DIY job.

[00:00:25] Text and text back and we've only talked about one reason for that. Is this the weight of the mass of the compacter. Yeah

[00:00:32] but before we get back to that we blew that several those to get away and so I'm not feeling creative right now just takes coyote's the 493 and will pick a random winner. OK. And the game is when this is for Friday November 24th 7:00 p.m. puck drop catches Thanks coyote 2 4 1 1 9 2 3 and everyone that does will just pick a random number and text back and we'll get the address you want them sent certified mail and they're taken on the Los Angeles Kings.

[00:01:04] All right and now we'll announce the winner before we sign out. Top of the hour we also have a text that called in or someone that called in during the break actually is in the poor care business. And he says Hey folks if you want your guests swimming for the Thanksgiving weekend. Turn your heater on. Now it ends up being his busiest week next week. There's your Tip of the Rosenhaus tips of the week. Yeah those pools don't heat like while I got your water heater. That take 10 ten minutes. So we're talk we're here talking backyard hard scapes and living environments with Nathan Angel sales manager Belgorod papers we're also talking about our blog holiday hospitality and one of the tips that we tell people is you know prior to your guests arriving just go live in the room they'll be staying in and verify that the reading lamp light bulb is still operable and that the fan hasn't developed an out of balance tick when you turn it on to put them to sleep at night.

[00:02:04] Tick tick tick tick right. So just go live in the room for a day or two and you'll be your own guess and say you know put a little bell beside the table ring and see if your spouse will respond and bring you water and your newspaper and your coffee in the morning. That's dangerous.

[00:02:23] All right Nathan we're talking about the different products you all have Dalgard and the different ways installing it whether it is or is it a DIY I think pavers are one of the hardest DIY projects there are the compact hers is one of the reasons.

[00:02:37] But I mean then you get you get to some point of the insulation near the end where full pavers won't fit. Correct. You're in a radius or you're at the end of the walk and you're having to. And these are what six thousand PSII.

[00:02:56] Try closer to industry standard is eight hours. So we're we're tracking most of our stuff near 90 500 to 10000.

[00:03:04] OK. So we have a fairly dense paver. Now we have to cut.

[00:03:09] Yes. You don't need a diamond saw diamond saw so he gave me a table version or you could rent a handheld but most homeowners I don't know that I would recommend grabbing a big handheld concretes. But yeah. Now now you're adding another tool rental you're getting another element that may be a lot of homeowners aren't going to be comfortable.

[00:03:28] Yeah it's it's it's heavy it's cumbersome it's powerful and they charge you by the of inch that you consume that blade by. Yes and it gets expensive really fast. It absolutely does. And I know you're dealing with it. The new OSHA's silica sand.

[00:03:49] Oh it's brutal it's it's probably one of the most life changing you know things that have come along for onstream my business in quite some time in last eight months Russia has cut down the amount of silica airborne silica allowed on a job by 90 percent.

[00:04:06] It was from 250 leaders to 25 years. Yes. And that is it very much. No it is not a lot. So it's dangerous but once installed correctly. Baby you've got a permanent installation lifetime lifetime.

[00:04:22] It was kind of interesting. I was as I was waiting to come on air. I was grabbed by somebody else in studio and asked how I got pavers I need to clean them. That's also one of the most common things and we're actually in the cleaning and sealing season as well so I recommend it. And that is a DIY project. Absolutely. OK. Just head on down to Marville building and masonry any locations and grab some technical paper cleaner.

[00:04:46] What would you do first. I mean when you have the paver job installed are you expecting your ICP certified installer to do anything. Do they generally offer Seelig as a part of it or do you have to ask for that.

[00:05:02] You would have to hire some contractor a little afraid of cleaning it. It's generally one of folks there's folks that specialize in it. OK and then there are some Belgorod authorize contractors that do offer it all the time. I'm a big fan of getting your paper sealed using a water based natural look sealer like the technology and then Elash a three or four years here and in Phoenix a lot of sealers struggle to do deal with our high heat high U.V.. Yeah but that one does really well here and just it's good protection. So the hot tire transfer onto your driveway from your from yet from the rubber asphalt. It just it hoses right off essentially afterwards protects the air especially around the barbecue or the pizza oven when you're in when you're dropping anything that could be greasy and could potentially stay in the paver that way.

[00:05:48] OK. And I'm looking at the site right now Belgorod dot com and I'm looking at something I don't have a lot of familiarity with and all porcelain pavers porcelain pavers relatively new into the industry about a couple of years now.

[00:06:03] Best ones are still Italian made porcelain. Three quarters of an inch thick. So not like porcelain tile for your interior. That way we can actually lay them like a paper on sand instead of having to mortar set them so they act like a real paver 24 by 24 12 by 48 would look woodgrain planks. I've got the 12 by 48 woodgrain planks in my backyard is the interlocking component to the sand. Same as same as with with regular pavers so that it acts like an interlocking system. There's there are some sand set spacers that we would recommend use for the mirage. The Celgard porcelain paper rather and the nice beauty about talking about staining porcelain is so dense you cannot stain it. You have lots of parties at your house. That's best best product to throw down because you could have a bottle of red wine dropped on it and we'll will clean right up.

[00:06:56] Well that's ever happened in my backyard ever. Now when. So when would you. If you're working with someone designing the ultimate back when would you go from the ninety five hundred PSII concrete paving to the porcelain Parry's that is that the more formal look.

[00:07:16] It's really it's definitely more contemporary. OK. Or if you go with the woodgrain look if you're trying to go with that little bit more rustic look. Absolutely. That would be a great way to go and think about it this way you don't have to do the entire backyard either with the porcelain. There are certain elements where water you can use it as an inlay like a rug or use it as your barbecue top where it makes sense. You don't we can mix and match the materials and it looks fantastic.

[00:07:43] It does. It looks really good.

[00:07:45] Again I'm at Belgorod dot com. Get your ideas explore it says explore the possibilities and you'll certainly have a beautiful gallery here of opportunities and ideas of what to do with the pavers that we've been talking about pavers. But one of the things we talk about a lot in the garden hour is I can understand why people are still planning GRABBE level gardens.

[00:08:08] No not at all. Why break backbreaking work. Romey had to take a call this morning in the garden now about gofers. Yeah. So the raised planters and where we say the pavers are very tough. Do it yourself project.

[00:08:24] I would say the retaining laws is a reasonable do it yourself project for someone in reasonably good shape with a strong back and doesn't mind getting up and down on their knees in the dirt. Absolutely

[00:08:34] it's a great it's a great DIY project absolutely fantastic easy to do. Get that first course level like Romey mentioned earlier and then it's a stack and blocks from there. How high can you take a dry stack retaining wall. Well it's by law here in the state of Arizona. You can only dig a dry stack up for foot. There are some communities Wickenburg is one Prescot is another unincorporated Maricopa County. If you're truly retaining anything with it you can't go above 18 inches without pulling a permit. And that's because people have gone to the home centers and taken that little tiny you know landscape block wall and have built of 6 8 10 footer with it and half you know it's fallen down. That stuff is simply a veneer. The real work is being done behind with Geo Geo grids and soil retention. The wall becomes is just a nice beautiful veneer at that point. But garden walls you can take it up three or four foot no problem at all. Enclose it you know four sides and put put your soil in there. Would recommend a landscape felt in behind it just so that all the soil finds when you're watering your garden don't leach out under the front and stay in the front so.

[00:09:46] And that's that's because it's a dry stack block as you water the garden. It can have the tendency to bleed out through the block as well. You put that retainer cloth back of it that holds it all together and keeps it from drip it out on the face.

[00:10:00] Yes. Recommend gluing the top couple of courses. There are some that don't just get like Liquid Nails. A lot of homeowners tend to tend to do that and that product's not going to last. So there's some great glues that we sell from Tennessee. There's a structure bond and there's also an R G to have and they're great.

[00:10:18] And now you're not bending down on your knees gardening and weeding you're actually sitting height you're able to sit down reach across the wet. We tell people when they're doing race planners don't make it so wide that you can't reach past the halfway mark so don't make it any wider than about four feet really.

[00:10:36] And you can actually sit on the retaining wall and work your guard. Absolutely. And you know you're going to get great soil because you're putting in the soil you're putting in the right. So the right sort of supplements it's much easier to do weed control. It's much easier to go for control. You can regulate them with certain underlayment underneath the Geotech cloth that you can create a gopher barrier there. So you bring in your drip irrigation system and bring in your soil and voila you've got going up.

[00:11:08] I'm a little. I would never do ground level ever again. Not not because I'm not physically capable but because it increases the maintenance tenfold. Absolutely. So absolute race planners you've got different types of retaining walls and a lot of your ground animals that get in your garden.

[00:11:30] You've eliminated that problem completely.

[00:11:33] Now it's easier to keep the rabbits out. The dogs are less inclined. It's just it's just easier all around. So raised retaining walls porcelain pavers the normal concrete pavers. We started the show talking about some of your outdoor feature items you can accentuate the backyard with. Go through a couple of those again.

[00:11:56] So we have fireplaces fully built in. They come and they come in on pallets of contractor forks core forklifts them right and you can have a fire roaring in 45 minutes after your concrete foundation is put in.

[00:12:08] And even now with our good soils and most of the valley here we don't even require a concrete footer any longer. You can just use a four inch compacted base and put them right on the top of that.

[00:12:20] Fantastic. I wasn't even aware of that.

[00:12:23] And then you got the new paver that for the driveway so essentially it's it's what's allowing us to do that now is the new is a new bagged product it's new polymer mortar. So we screened that to a quarter inch or three eighths of an inch over the top of your concrete driveway and you can use our now or 30 mill or inch and a half pavers right over the top of that we've got a lot of cases where we're now just paving right into the garage. I love it. I love to get it done.

[00:12:52] All right. We're here with Nathan Angel sales manager of Belgorod pavers and we're going to talk a little bit about OK how do we get started right after this break. OK. I see the pictures on the Web site. I've seen them going down. They virtually have taken over the use of concrete driveways and sidewalks. In most of the residential applications we hardly ever pour a concrete slab outside our home anymore it's all done in pavers.

[00:13:15] How do we get started and how do we pay for it. Nathan Angel Belgorod.


Segment 4 (running time )

Listen to this segment

[00:00:08] It's that perfect time of year to be living in your outdoor living environment. That's why we brought Nathan angel and our friend the and sales manager Belgarath pavers.

[00:00:19] OK Nathan Let's quick finish and wrap up this hour talking to people you know I'm on the Belgorod Web site Daugaard dot com. I'm seeing a lot of ideas. I'm hoping my wife is not listening to the show and also on the Belgarath paver website as well. Lots of great ideas of grading updating and jazzing up your outdoor living environment. How would a homeowner even get started.

[00:00:41] Well if you're on the Web site the easiest thing to do is start as you start to see all those great photos and get new ideas. You can create a style file almost like Pinterest on our site and you can start pinning those those photos to your style file. That way when you do decide to then use the find a contractor. If you determine that is not a DIY project after all for you then you can go find a local contractor. The important thing to note too on our Web site is when the first time you go on there's a zip code locator on top. Make sure you fill that in so that you know you're dealing with all your local Arizona folks and that will also help pinpoint the bugger and authorize contractors closest to you. OK. So you'll We always recommend getting two or three estimates because all of you have little different ideas. Right. And so it's not necessarily about price. It's all about getting comfortable with the contractor that's going to do the work for you and getting the different ideas so that way. Now you've gotten the bell guard authorize contractor appointments all about Belgorod authorize contractors can provide free Bilger design studios which are 3D drawings of what your backyard will look like. That helps visualize it. So many of us need that visit visualisations so mad they'll take photos of your house take measurements and we can essentially recreate your your backyard in 3-D. We even do a video fly through phoria.

[00:02:04] If you need that where you'll actually almost feel like you're in the backyard this year we're also launching in 2018 we're also launching a virtual reality for that Bilger design studio so you'll be able to just put on those VR goggles and almost feel like you're walking in your backyard.

[00:02:19] That'll be fun. And that's with any Boulger authorized installation contractor.

[00:02:24] That is correct. That's correct. They get to that service. And then the nice thing about it as well as those Belgorod authorize contractors also have access to our Belgarath preferred payment program which is our financing. You can get 12 months same as cash for your backyard project. So even if you have most of the money right now you can save it and draw the interest and then pay it off all at once in that 12 months. OK. And it can finance even the backyard grills it doesn't have to be just on the back on the on the Bell product 30 percent of the dollar amount needs to be in the Belgorod product. Anything else we can do furniture we can do the plants irrigation you do this off scale you're going to escape with that financing program. Wow. Anything except for a pool or spa that's the only exclusions. OK. And fight and the financing we can get approved within 10 minutes. Well boy you all have that package. Pretty sweet. Well we're trying to make it as easy as possible for everybody to be able to upgrade their backyard. And I heard the comment earlier on on the show this is the time of year I mean this is why we live here right. And everybody should be outside enjoying it. And finally getting outside of the heat. And we want you to live in a in a castle outside. There you go.

[00:03:37] And you've got everything you need to get that done.

[00:03:40] Belgorod dotcom. Nathan thanks a million for coming in. Always a pleasure. All right folks I hope the takeaways here are that you take a look at the Web site. Be careful in picking your contractor. Make sure they are fully Bellegarde certified so the installation is done correctly.

[00:03:59] Pick the Belgorod product and find the financing available and that's all.

[00:04:05] With the availability of being able to get a 3D rendering that makes a big difference.

[00:04:13] A big difference from from having to deal for so long in two dimensions with blueprints. People put the remodeled together put the project together and until it is visualized 3-D they don't realize the size of the room the views out the windows and that we can create all of that. I had a type but it helps a lot.

[00:04:34] So Nathan again thanks a million. When shopping pavers get to Belgorod.

[00:04:40] Well well I think next week will be post Thanksgiving won't it be just next week right. That's it baby. Thanks. Coming up we don't take that broadcast off. We'll be back here live in studio because we understand you as homeowners we don't have days off we don't have weekends off so we'll be here for you our regular four hour broadcast. And our topic next week we'll see we'll have Greg Peterson the urban farmer in. And then we've got our open lines our Of course at 9:00 and 10:00. Actually me talking about this tool kit we've put together for Rosy's 30th anniversary celebration we wanted to do something for giving back in this way we've got a four way win for homeowners. American jobs in manufacturing and it's really a lot of fun from what we've put together for and everyone we showed it to and the focus group we've ran this past with our listeners in Casa Grande at the FRANCISCO Grandi hotel earlier this year everyone's really excited about it and we're we're we're right at the threshold of launching it so that will be next Saturday will be our 10:00 topic there and then moving next week.

[00:05:54] It's already December 2nd. We're live in Prescot. Yes it is Jersey Lilly right on Wisky road for our annual Christmas broadcast. They have the Christmas parade and the courthouse lighting in Arizona's Christmas city. Prescott Arizona says it'll be December 2nd and there's something you missed in any broadcast. You can go to Rosie on the house dot com click on podcast and give each of our broadcast by date.

[00:06:20] Click on it and select what content you would like to read listen to or download it on iTunes and listen to it as a podcast throughout the week it's rosy on the house with me every Saturday morning.