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Every time we interview the Arizona Registrar of Contractor (ROC) or write about the importance of the ROC an article, we get complaints from homeowners who are frustrated with the ROC and don’t understand why we support them. We’ve heard at times that contractors are not worried when a homeowner threatens to call the ROC when the homeowners are displeased with a contractors work because the amount of time it takes to resolve problems through the ROC is longer than most people are willing to wait to get their home back in order.

Arizona is one of the nine states that has some form of governing agency over the construction industry. Each state operates a little differently but for the most part have the same function; develop standards for the building industry and enforce them.

The Arizona ROC
will do a site visit and if determined the work preformed by the contractor was in accordance with workmanship standards; then the ROC will issue a work order to the contractor who must honor the work order issued or have his licensed revoked and making it illegal for the individual/company to continue to conduct business.

No, it’s not a perfect system and there are loop holds that the real bad eggs have exploited.

At the end of 2008 the Arizona ROC had a staff of XXX employees that govern 60,000 contracting licenses and field XXX of phone calls and inquiries.

The ROC is a XXXX corporation which means their funding is all privately generated through licensed contracts but must have government on how their funding is spent…talk about a suffocating and counter productive way to operate a business! To make matters worse their built in safety net called the recovery fund, a special account to aid construction projects that were stalled due to a contractor going out of business or having a license revoked, had a $10,000 amount reserved. Someone in government confiscated $9,000 to use for a poorly adjusted State budget. Sure I can go on but it was not my intent to rant when I sat down to white this blog, more it is to give homeowners and understand of the difficulty the ROC faces day in and day out.

Signature marks of past directors:

Sting Op’s by Israel Torres; push for outreach with associations, community

Complaint process by Fidelis Garcia and bringing technology into the 21st century for the ROC. Mission based, increase efficiency & responsibility.

Customer service by Armando Contreras – Unity

New director Bill Mundell who was with the Cooperation Commission & State legislator – better than what anyone expected.

Homeowners not doing their homework, then later complaining. Rosie comments from Jan. 10th. /images/radio/2009_01_10_09_01.mp3

As you can hear in the interviews, all these Directors have heart and passion for helping homeowners and contractors alike, but still confined to answer with a slight politically correct direction due to their restrains they are trying to overcome.

Az. Gov. taking the nine million from the ROC recovery fund from a private operation for her budget defecate and how it hurt the entire ROC reputation.

I’ve had

Q&A by or homeowner listeners.

Industry Advisory Council

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