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Benefits of Trees

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SavATree talks about the Tree Of The Month, the Chinese Elm/Evergreen Elm and the benefits of trees.

Benefits of Trees

There are more #BenefitsOfTrees than their simple beauty.

According to  benefits of trees includes:

  • Social Benefits: They help people feel good!
  • Communal Benefits: They provide privacy, accentuare views, and reduce noise and glare!
  • Environmental Benefits: Thye filter the air and provide shade!
  • Economic Benefits: Your trees are literally worth something!

Learn more about the benefits of trees HERE

Learn more about the value of trees HERE

Learn more about mature tree care HERE

Monthly Tree Tips:

  • Deciduous tree pruning and planting
  • Olive Tree pruning and spraying
  • Benefits of winter rain – Leaching of salts and toxins

Outdoor Living Hour | #BenefitsOfTrees



Plants, trees and shrubs create an elegant landscape. Agriscaping creates an elegant EDIBLE landscape. Guest Justin Rohner discusses our Tree Of The Month the Evergreen Elm which has edible components. And details what it takes to create a successful edible landscape by identifying microclimates and shade that could give you a year round harvest.
Podcast Archive With Expanded Content and Resources

Tree experts John Eisenhower and Gary Peterson are joined by Landscape Architect Janet Waibel to discuss the Tree Of The Month: the Chinese/Evergreen Elm and the many benefits of trees from shade to privacy. We also cover planting the right tree in the right space and the proper way to design your landscape. Plus, trees you’ll want to consider if for your specific purpose and much more tree talk!



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