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#ContainerGardening For Yards, Patios, Balconies And Window Sills

It feels good to grow things, especially if you can eat them! Looking at pretty flowers is lovely and relaxing as well.

Sometimes gardening or Urban Farming is hard. Whether you have a yard or not, container gardening is something everybody can manage weather you’re growing edibles or growing flowers for your eyes to feast upon.

Tune-In below! Farmer Greg of the Urban Farm joins us; he shares some tips for success with container gardening.


Homeowner Handbook | #ContainerGardening #PatioFarming


No room for a ground garden? Grow veggies, greens and citrus in containers and pots! Farmer Greg of The Urban Farm is joined by Kari Spenser of The Micro Farm Project. The types of containers, soil composition and drainage, starter plants or seeds, watering, fertilization, tower and trellis gardening and more!

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No space to plant gardens and flowers?  No problem!  Farmer Greg and Master Gardener and Farmer Kari Spencer discuss container gardening.  The things you’ll need from the proper size containers to avoid root bounding, soil mix to materials for proper watering and drainage.  Plus learn about ‘hardening off’, ‘hydrophobic’ and many more tips for success in containers.

Podcast Archive With Expanded Content and Resources



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