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Commercial growers have their own method of fertilizing that is done on a large scale, not practical to apply in our backyard and landscape; however the basic need of nitrogen is the same. Most nursery and garden centers carry citrus food (fertilizer) in 13-10-4 and recommend applying around Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day & Labor Day.

Be sure to follow the labeled directions on the quantity to apply; over fertilizing can ‘burn’ the tree causing damage or even death of the citrus if it’s young.

Directions will be based on the trunk diameter and/or height of the citrus tree.
Do not apply under the canopy or close to the trunk; apply around the drip edge of the citrus where the roots are actively growing and the fertilizer is needed.
A light application can also be applied at the end of October ahead of winter lows, but be careful not to overdo it. You want to add just enough to provide a nutrient base, but not enough to encourage new growth. In the occasion there is a hard freeze in the Sonoran desert, the new growth will be damaged and can disrupt the following spring’s growth.

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John Eisenhower of Integrity Tree Service talks about our Tree Of The Month: The Texas Mountain Laurel, which produces a flower fragrance of grape soda. Plus answers listener question on various tree issues.

Home Maintenance Calendar: #FertilizeCitrus

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