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It’s tempting to buy the biggest television set you can afford because it seems like that would turn your family room into an instant home theater. 
But bigger isn’t always better when it comes to TVs. If your set is too large—or too small—for your room, your viewing experience might not be optimal. 
Technology company THX has come up with a formula to help you buy the right size TV set. Here it is:  
Measure the distance, in inches, from your seat to the wall where you want to hang your flat-screen, and multiply that by .84. The answer will tell you the largest screen you should buy. Divide the distance by three to determine the minimum size. 
So if you like to sit five feet away from your TV, don’t buy one bigger than 50 inches. And don’t buy one smaller than 20 inches.
Rosie’s advice: Don’t buy the biggest TV you can afford. Buy the biggest one you can afford within the minimum and maximum numbers revealed by the THX equation. That way, you’ll have the best seat in the house every time you turn your set on.

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