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As we are all aware, pigeons are better with directions than humans are. Therefore, capturing the pigeons and taking them out of the city, or away from your house, and letting them go will not resolve the solution. They will be back within one to three days. To prevent pigeons from roosting, you must make the habitat unappealing for them.

Here are four ways you can accomplish this, without harming the pigeons.

  1. Webbing: This plastic netting is used under roofs, rafters and eaves. Webbing is hung in these areas to prevent pigeons from landing.
  2. Spikes: Also used to prevent the pigeons from landing in designated areas. They work well in flat, well shaded areas such as near the AC, evap cooler or under rafters. Spikes are a more permanent solutions but they can be a little tricky to place for maximum efficiency.
  3. Flight Control: This product must be applied in direct sunlight, and generally lasts for a six-week period. The chemical in Flight Control impairs the birds ability to visually focus on the desired landing location. Eventually frustration will get the better of the bird and they will find somewhere else to land.
  4. 4 The Birds: This adhesive, applied by a caulking gun, sticks to the bird’s feet making it hard for the bird to move around. Again, frustration will get the better of the birds and they will move on to another location.

Webbing and Spikes are a more long-term solution to solving bird troubles. Flight Control and 4 The Birds work great but remember they are chemicals and will wear off in approximately 6 to 8 weeks.

Of these products, Flight Control is the only product NOT sold to homeowners.


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