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We are always amazed at the topics that generate a significant response from our listeners; in this case ants!

Suggestions from listeners:
Complete compiled list of recommendations from the hosts, listeners and Rosie on the House exterminations partners.

  • Small Apple slices (kills the queen ant due to digestive problems)
  • Corn meal (may harm bird digestion, use with caution)
  • Grits (safe for bird digestion)
  • Cinnamon (deterrent only)
  • Avon Skin So Soft in a spray bottle, diluted with water

Organic eradication products

Common over-the-counter ant poisons:

  • Amdro (FDA approved formula and less toxic than table salt)
  • Max Force (FDA approved formula)

Suggestions from The Formula Book: (NOT Recommended by Rosie on the House.)

  • Kerosene (may harm soil for planting) mixed with Moth Crystals (more toxic than moth balls to kill certain bugs)

Reader’s Digest article with 13 common items for ant control.

If you have any additional suggestions you would like to make; please let us know via email or call in Saturday morning to our radio show.



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