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Cockroaches and ants are probably the most common pests.

Arizona ants can get out of control. You can douse them with Raid, but that will only kill the ones you can see. Their friends are on their way, and will sidestep the poison.

Your best prevention is a clean house. Ants love food, so don’t leave any around. Sweep and mop your floors often.

Keep debris and wood away from your house.

Cockroaches don’t cause any structural damage to your home, but they can spread germs and even trigger your children’s asthma.

If you see a cockroach in your house at night, don’t worry; cockroaches are night crawlers and it’s possible that just one has wandered indoors.

If you see a cockroach indoors during the day, it could signal a problem.

To keep cockroaches outdoors, seal the holes and cracks in your home’s walls and foundation and on the roof.

Keep your house clean. Cockroaches eat garbage and food particles.

Quarterly visits from a pest-control professional can keep ants and cockroaches away. If you can commit to keeping up a regular schedule of pest control yourself, consider buying pesticides at a home and garden store. Follow the directions for applying them in a way that will keep your family safe.


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