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  1. Store firewood and any other flammable items a good distance away from your house. 
  2. Create a 30-foot perimeter around your home where nothing touches it. Keep wild grass mowed short, and trim trees away from your siding and roof so a fast-moving ground fire can’t climb up a tree and spill onto your roof.
  3. Examine your yard for fire hazards and for possible pathways that a flame could take to easily get from the shed where you keep your lawnmower into your house.
  4. If your house is next to an alley, find a way to keep debris and overgrown weeds out of it so they don’t catch on fire and send flames your way.
  5. Widen your driveway to at least 12 feet so firefighters can get their equipment through in case of a fire.
  6. When you build a shed or other outbuilding on your property, locate it at least 30 feet away from your house.
  7. Re-landscape your yard with drought-resistant plants. Don’t plant them too close to the house.
  8. If your house sits close to the one next door, replace your windows with double- or triple-panel models. Intense heat from a fire will break the windows and speed the fire to the house next door, so the more layers, the better.
  9. Choose a non-combustible material like stone or brick for your outside fences.

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