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Rosie’s favorite paint brush is 20 years old! It’s lasted that long for one good reason: He does a good job of cleaning it every time he uses it.  

Cheap, throwaway bushes shed like a dog and will leave bristles all over your wall. So if you want to do a bang-up paint job at home, invest in a good paint brush. Then take care of it so it will last for years. 

Here’s how to clean a paint brush so you can use it again and again:

A paint brush is made with hollow separator right down the middle. That gap holds the paint so you can distribute it on the surface. It’s that hollow place you need to get clean.  

  • When you’re finished painting, rinse the brush under warm water until the water runs clear.
  • While you’re rinsing, curl the bristles over your hand, from back to front, again and again, until you don’t see any more paint.
  • Don’t dab the brush on the side of the sink; use your hand.
  • Buy a steel “toothbrush” at the paint store and use it to scrape the bristles. That will bring paint that’s stuck in the separator to the middle. Rinse again after scraping.
  • Use your wet fingers to comb the bristles into place. The way you put the brush up is the way it will look next time you use it.
  • Most quality brushes come with a cardboard keeper that has a flap and string for storing the paint brush. With care, though, your brush will outlast its keeper. So wrap the damp brush in a paper towel, folded carefully and taped into place.


Rosie appears on Good Morning Arizona to talk about how to clean a paint brush.


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