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Tree of the Month: Aspen Tree

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SavATree joins us and talks about the Tree of the Month, the Aspen Tree and our Monthly Tree Topic: #OystershellScale

Tree of the Month: #AspenTree

Scientific: Populus tremuloides

Common: Quaking Aspen

Family: Salicaceae

Origin: Native

Form & Character: A deciduous tree that grows upright with spreading branches that form a rounded top. This tree is often admired for its white bark and brilliant fall color change.

Growth Habit: Medium tree with spreading branches. Grows to a height of about 40 feet and a width of about 15 feet.

Foliage/Texture: Dark green/whitish-green leaves that grow to about 3 inches long; shaped circular to triangular with pointed tips.

Flowers: Small flowers that grow in a spike; yellow, green, and brown in color; elongated clusters that flower from May-June.

Seasonal Color: Brilliant golden or orange fall color. Winter buds reddish-brown, resinous.


For more info visit:

Yavapai County Native & Naturalized Plants


Home Maintenance & Outdoor Living To-Do | #AspenTree #OystershellScale




Gary Peterson and Jordan Orwig of SavATree discuss a fairly new infestation found on Aspen trees called Oystershell Scale. They describe what it looks like, the life cycle and the challenges to control it. Including some interesting facts about Aspens. Plus those large mosquito looking Crane Flies, understanding irrigation requirements for lawns and less toxic uses for plant care.



SavATree LogoSavATree is a commercial and residential tree care company specializing in tree maintenance and removals. They provide quality tree service to homes and businesses throughout the valley.


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