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Tree of the Month: Weeping Acacia Tree

Tree of the Month:WeepingAcaciaTree

  • Form & Character: Evergreen, medium in size, tree
  • Seasonal Color: They flower during the winter; yellow-green to cream colored
  • Leaves: Narrow, slender leaves
  • Flowers: Pale yellow flowers in small ball clusters
  • Fruit: 1-5 inch pods
  • Stems/Trunks: Grayish brown in color. Smooth when young but grows a medium light texture
  • Range/Origin: Eastern Australia
  • Hardiness: Sunset 8, 9, 13-24; USDA: 9-11
  • Comments: Is willow-like, weak-wooded, prone to monsoon wind damage, can be invasive

Cultural Requirements:

  • Exposure: Full sun
  • Water: Infrequent deep irrigations; can be overwatered; use water to control how fast it grows and the strength of the wood
  • Soil: Must have well drained soil

For more info view the full plant specifications from ASU’s Virtual Library of Phoenix Landscape Plants


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Agriscaping Expert Justin Rohner discusses the Tree Of The Month the Acacia. 5 varieties that grow well in the desert. A nice shade tree, non-invasive root system and unless you have a giraffe, pest free. Explains the concept of agriscaping, composting and just what is juglone?
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Sarah Maitland of SavATree is joined by special guest Laura Hackett of Liberty Wildlife Rescue who care for injured wildlife. The bird population in North America has drastically decreased over decades. We explain how trees in your landscape can help wildlife and improve co-existence with birds and other wildlife. Plus the Tree of the Month for August the Weeping Acacia!

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