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John Eisenhower of Integrity Tree Service talks about the Tree Of The Month, the Yellow Oleander!


Scientific Name: Thevetia peruviana

Form: large shrub or small multiple-trunk tree

Seasonality: Evergreen

Size: 20 feet tall, but can be maintained at 6 to 12 feet

Leaves: Bright green, smooth leaves, 6 inches long

Flowers: Cluster of yellow apricot to orange color tubular flowers

Fruit: Multicarpulate greenish fruit

Stems/Trunks: Can be trained as either a large shrub or small tree. It’s upright and spreading to rounded, clean and shiny with a tropical appearance.

Range/Origin: Tropical America

Hardiness: Sunset 12 (w/ protection), 13, 21-24

Comments: This was once a prototypical ‘mesic plant’ for green landscapes in Phoenix and was popular in Phoenix before 1990. Today however, it is far, far less popular because of the greater societal emphasis on desert landscaping and low water use plants. A white flowering cultivar is rarely available in nurseries. Like Nerium oleander, all plant parts of Thevetia peruviana are poisonous.

Home Maintenance Calendar Tree of the Month: #YellowOleander

Source: Virtual Library of Phoenix Landscape Plants – Arizona State University


John Eisenhower of Integrity SavATree talks about the Tree Of The Month: The Yellow Oleander and its benefits. Plus tree selection ideas, the importance of placing a tree in the correct place and some of the pests that could damage your trees.

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