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Habitat for Humanity is an international, faith-based organization that moves deserving families from substandard housing into safe, decent affordable homes.

The organization has helped house more than 1.5 million people around the world in more than 300,000 homes, including hundreds right here in Arizona.

The families that move into the homes get a “hand up, not a handout,” according to the Habitat mission. That means those families help build their own homes. Once they move in, they pay an affordable mortgage. That money goes back into the Habitat coffers to help build more homes for other low-income families.

Habitat keeps the mortgages affordable by relying on volunteer labor and donations of money and materials when building the homes. The organization’s homes are simple, but they come with energy-efficient features that help keep utility bills low for the families that live in them. The average selling price of a Habitat home in the United State is nearly $60,000.

Habitat for Humanity is Rosie’s favorite nonprofit group. He has sponsored the building of two Habitat homes so far. 

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