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Your builder can insulate your masonry home by placing insulation between the “furring strips” that level the wall so drywall can be attached. Some place insulation on the outside of the wall, and then cover it with an attractive cladding like stucco, brick veneer or siding.

Another method that’s growing in popularity is building with the Integra Wall System, which is manufactured right here in Arizona by Superlite Block.

The Integra Wall System uses a unique kind of concrete block that actually is designed to be insulated rather than simply reinforced and grouted.

The blocks have hollowed-out centers that your installer can fill with several inches of insulation. If your home is in the northern part of the state where winter nights get pretty chilly, the insulation would add extra protection against the cold. In really cold climates, where homes need optimal thermal performance, installers use a super-insulation made from polyurethane and designed for use with this system.  

In Phoenix or Tucson, your home might get by with less insulation because you have a greater need to keep the home extra-cool during the summer than extra-warm during the winter.

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