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Here’s a bright idea for your holiday stockings: Stuff them with compact fluorescent light bulbs.
CFLs use about two-thirds less energy than traditional, incandescent light bulbs, and they last up to 10 times longer. That’s because the twisty bulbs use a lower wattage to produce the same amount of light. The translation: A 15-watt CFL is just as bright as a 60-watt incandescent.
That means a lower energy bill for you—and more money to spend on stocking stuffers!
Don’t think your little ones will appreciate the gift of energy savings? Offer it as a gag gift, and take the opportunity to teach your children about how they can reduce their use of energy—and take pride in doing their part to help the environment.
And surprise them with a fun, new bedroom lamp that burns the funny-looking, twisted light bulbs.

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