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1.         Start with the faucet. If you’re replacing the faucet on the bathroom sink, choose the faucet before you pick out your accessories. The style, color and sheen of the faucet should determine the style, color and sheen of every other metal in the room. So if you like shiny, polished chrome, stick with shiny, silvertone  accessories throughout the bathroom. If you’re not replacing the faucet, choose accessories that match   the one you already have.
2.         During a bathroom remodel, buy the accessories last. You might not have room on the walls for towel racks once you’ve finished putting in cabinets and shelves. A towel ring might fit more easily.
3.         Consider everyone who uses the room. If your whole family shares a bathroom, consider adding a robe hook for every person so towels and dirty clothes don’t wind up on the floor.
4.         Consider how you use the room. You can skip the toothbrush holder, for example, if everybody uses electric toothbrushes, which don’t fit into them. You can also save on the soap dish if you prefer to use soap pump.
5.         Buy a “suite” of accessories from the same manufacturer. You’ll get a better match that way than if you try to buy different pieces from different brands.

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