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We store everything from Christmas decorations to empty boxes in the garage. Taking some time to bring a bit of order to this catch-all room can make it more useful—and it can make your stuff a lot easier to find.

First, consider investing in some racks, hooks, shelving and cabinets for your garage. They will help you store your garage items easier—and they will allow you to see what you have so you’ll know where to find them when you need them.

Second, choose a different spot for each kind of item you store in the garage: garden tools, sporting goods, holiday decorations, power tools, paint, trash, etc.

Choose an appropriate cabinet, rack or shelf for each category. Some tips:

  • Store garden tools in a rolling garden tool organizer that you can roll right into the yard when you need to use the tools. 
  • Organize sporting goods on wall and ceiling hooks. Get bicycles, skis, roller blades and balls off of the garage floor. Invest in some see-through plastic bins to store out-of-season or little-used equipment.
  • Keep holiday decorations in see-through tubs. Label each tub so it’s easy to find decorations for each holiday without rummaging through all of the bins.
  • Neatly place paint cans, car wax and buckets on shelves so they’re easy to see and easy to reach.
  • Invest in a cabinet with a lock for your power tools so children can’t get to them and so they don’t get knocked off a peg and onto the floor, which can damage them.
  • Buy a sturdy trash bin with wheels and a lid that stays closed if you keep your garbage in the garage. Such a bin will be easy to pull to the curb on trash day, and will keep your garage from smelling like trash.

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