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Most people don’t think about hiring a professional home inspector except when they want to buy a home and make sure it’s in good operating order. That’s a great time to order a home inspection, but it’s not the only time.

Consider having a thorough, professional inspection of your own home if:

  1. Your home is at least seven years old. The dry Arizona heat puts all of your home’s systems, from the air conditioning to the insulation, through a lot of stress. Unless your home is brand-new, consider having a home inspection every four to five years.
  2. You have lived in your home for more than a decade. Hidden problems with mold, electrical wires and leaks can make your home inefficient and unhealthy.
  3. You are trying to sell your home. First, patch up all of the obvious problems: replace missing trim; touch up scuffed paint; fix leaky faucets; change broken windows. Then call a professional to find the not-so-obvious ones in your electrical system, in the attic and around the foundation so your home is move-in ready for the next owner. Knowing what’s wrong with your house also puts you in the best position to make the proper disclosures to potential buyers.
  4. You want to buy a home. Like the old sea captain who wants to know where the leaks are so he can plug them before taking the boat on the water, it’s wise to ask a professional home inspector to identify any problems or potential trouble spots before you make an offer on a home. Some of the problems will be easy enough to fix, you can replace broken roof tiles or an old dishwasher, for instance but others, like rampant mold, a chronically leaky basement or a cracked foundation, can be so expensive to resolve that you might want to find a different house. The inspector can find help identify big and small problems.
  5. Your home has been damaged. If your home has suffered a fire or extensive damage from a monsoon rainstorm, a home inspector can help you scout out areas of damage that might not be obvious, like hidden leaks.
  • Sanderson Ford

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  • Sanderson Ford

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