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Gifts from Arizona – updated Nov, 2015



  • HideAHorse – Mike Taron of Cottonwood came up with a folding wooden sawhorse that can help create a portable workbench for your tools. Taron had been frustrated in searching for the right sawhorse, so he invented one himself. The 7.5-pound HideAHorse is for professionals as well as do-it-yourselfers: $45 for one or $42 each for two


  • Edible Baja Arizona Magazine (covers Tubac, Tucamcari, Bisbee, Green Valley)
  • B & B Cactus Farms-wonderful candle wreaths made of succulent cactus that live long past the holidays.
  • Barbecue spices from Arizona Grill and Hearth in Tucson: Besides selling BBQ grills, owner Val Romero makes his own barbecue spices: the Hunka Burnin’ Rub and Rub Me Tender, $11 a bottle on his Web site. The names were inspired by Romero’s fascination with Elvis Presley.
  • Mesquite Tortillas – available at local farmer’s markets – get em early as they don’t last long!
  • – over 1 million sold this year. No wonder with 40 flavors to choose from there is something for everyone!
  • – tasty granola as healthy as it comes. Sold at Whole Foods, farmer’s markets and online.
  • – organic food and products galore.

Green Valley

Phoenix & Metro Cities

  • Phoenix Home and Garden – a magazine that shows the possibilities!
  • Wind-chime bells made at Arcosanti near Cordes Junction in Yavapai County and at Cosanti in Paradise Valley in Maricopa County? Tour the properties and watch the pouring of bells in on-site foundries. Bells and sculptures provide funding for Arcosanti construction. Bells start in price at $60 and go up into the hundreds and more.
  • Handmade lures, tackle, and other fishing gear from Cactus Wren Outdoors of Mesa. Owners Justin and Alex Butel handcraft the gear themselves. It’s great for catching large and small mouth bass in Arizona reservoirs. Items are priced from $3.29 individually to $30 for a gift box set.
  • Zak’s Chocolate Factory  for handmade chocolates on Shea Boulevard in Scottsdale: Owner Jim Elitzak imports cocoa beans from all over the world and roasts them in small batches for his chocolates.
  • Caramel candies made from goat’s milk at The Simple Farm in Scottsdale: Lylah and Michael Ledner hand-milk a small herd of Nubian goats and sell salted goat’s milk candies ($10 to $12 a package) at markets across Phoenix as well as online.
  • – salsa’s, hot sauces, marinaras and bbq sauce in tantalizing flavors – no chemicals added!
  • – voted by AZ Central as best local candy for 2014 (Jennifer would agree!!)
  • – Arizona’s premier local gift shop (in Chandler or online)
  • – unique gifts for the garden; Phoenix
  • – over 100 local artists uner 1 roof!
  • – gluten, GMO and grain free for your favorite pooch!



  • Farmers Markets (great for food, craft and art gifts!)
  • Both Bashas & Sprouts feature Arizona food products on end caps labeled ‘Local’
  • Arizona Wine
  • Copper – beautiful copper sinks, bathtubs etc!
  • Citrus – Ship fruit or gift a tree for a gift that keeps on giving
  • Cotton – look for pima cotton- a good indication the cotton is from Arizona.
  • Cattle – Organic beef from local farms and ranches
  • Climate – Arizona Highways Magazine and Shop: (shop includes beautiful Southwest style gifts)
  • Gardening Centers – Great for living gifts or patio and yard art.



  • Shovel
  • Canyon Cooler
  • Rockford Mini Jump Starter ($100 or less) was recommended by Matt Allen, host of “Bumper to Bumper” on KTAR radio. It can power up a car in an emergency or even your laptop when you’re waiting for your flight at the airport. The Jump Starter’s nano-lithium battery and other gear are carried in a mini-briefcase and can help start a wide range of 12V vehicles. The product comes from Rockford Industries of Tempe. Sold all over the Web.
  • Fishclipper magnetic safety clip was recommended by Mike Russell, host of “Get Outdoors” on Saturdays on KTAR. This fishing accessory encloses rigged tackle hooks and secures them to the fishing rod. It’s designed to prevent hook injuries and to help you avoid tangling gear. The Fishclipper ($8.95) was created in Mesa


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