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Installing outdoor lights around the pool and patio can be a do-it-yourself job, but it shouldn’t look like you did it yourself. 

Here are a few goof-proof tips for lighting your yard with style and strategy:

  1. Avoid placing all of your lights in a row, which can give your yard the look of an airport runway.
  2. Vary the intensity of the lighting. If all of the bulbs are 20 watts, then everything will be lighted up the same. That makes everything a focal point, and nothing a focal point.
  3. Use lights as a navigational tool. Light up the bottom of steps, points in the yard or patio where there’s a change in direction and around any trip hazards.
  4. Creating shadows and dark areas in your landscape is just as important as creating light.
  5. Err on the side of too few lights. Outdoor lighting should be subtle, not harsh, so it creates a mood.
  6. Pointing ground lights up into trees creates a nice uplighting effect. Placing lights high up into trees to cast light on the limbs creates a moonlighting glow. Caution: Secure those fixtures so monsoon winds don’t blow them down.

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