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Rose Plant Family

Rosie on the House Orange Rose

Scientific: Rosa

Common: Rose

Family: Rosaceae

Origin: Rose species are broadly distributed throughout the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere.

Growth Habit: Rose habit of growth is much dependent on species and cultivated variety ranging from vigorously upright to face down and spreading.

Seasonal color: Roses produce flowers in a wide range of flower colors. The length of rose flowering depends on the species and cultivated variety, and ranges from a few weeks in the early spring to throughout most of the year.

Rosie on the House Red Rose

Temperature: Hardy

Light: Full sun is best. Partial shade from western sun depending on the surrounding landscape

For more info view the full plant specifications from Dr. Chris Martin: Rosa 

Did you know?

Arizona produces and exports 75% of the nation's rose bushes! And, our rose farmers bring $500 million to our state's economy. 


Roses are Red and Every Color of the Rainbow



Talking Point Summary:

  • [00:06:22] "Unfair mystique surrounding roses, that they are hard to grow that, they take a lot of work."
  • [00:09:47] "So we want to create a lot of new growth by taking off all of that old growth and letting them rejuvenate"
  • [00:17:35] "I don't think for the money, there's a plant that gives you the bang for the buck as far as blooming"
  • [00:22:40] "when you do plant them lots of organic material and make sure you don't plant them too deep and again use some type of pre-start fertilizer"
  • [00:27:20] "You don't have to prune the whole rosebush at one time."
  • [00:35:05] "roses that's one of those plants that you can have success with it from Yuma to Flagstaff."

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