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Edible Landscaping  

Rosie on the House Citrus Tree

If you love taking care of your landscape and garden, why not be able to enjoy the beauty and eat it too?

In short, an edible landscape is landscaping you can eat! If you are growing plants that produce food in your residential yard, then you've created yourself an edible landscape. This can include anything and everything from citrus/fruit trees, to edible flowers, bushes and shrubs that produce edible fruits or seasonings such as thyme, etc.

Farmer Greg says it's time to plant for the fall!

Now is the best time to put your plans together for an edible landscape.

Tune-In below! We share & discuss:

  • Lots of tips on how to examine your space for a garden
  • Sun and shade exposure
  • Putting together healthy soil to get your garden growing
  • and more!



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