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October 10, 2015


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We focus on 1 of the 15 Arizona Counties, Apache County:

  • Home of Four Corners Monument
  • Population of 71,000 in 11,000 Square Miles
  • Home of the 1st Federally Aided Highway in the US.
  • Stay at the Molly Bulter Lodge in Greer, AZ!
  • Listen for interesting & beautiful places to see in the county.


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Romey is live from Treeland Nurseries celebrating their 50th Anniversary and the end of summer with Bonide.

  • Stories on how Treeland Nurseries got started as a family business.
  • Their mission to focus on expanding local tree and landscape options.
  • Fall Vegetable Season is here!
  • Add color to your yard for the winter.
  • Great Specials on Trees for Customer’s.
  • Innovations by Bonide for controlling pests, weeds and fertilizing your yard.

On-Site Listener:

  • Carol – Her saquaro cactus has grown an extra arm. How can she remove it without damaging the plant?

Recommendation – Use old carpet to handle it and if she cuts it, use a dusting sulfur over the cut to prevent disease.

9:00 AM | On The House Hour

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Harold Perkins from Galaxy Lending Group stops by to give us an update on the mortage and home lending industry, plus we’ll take your questions!

  • We have fun talking about Harold’s hockey hobby and other sports.
  • On topic, the federal interest rates and the recent events guiding the decision on keeping rates the same after months of speculation they would rise in September.
  • The current average rates for home loans.
  • Home sales and Home renovations are up.
  • Rent is increasing too.

10:00 AM | Open Home Hour

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Segment 2
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It’s “Fire Prevention Week” in Arizona, so we have Brad Pitassi, Public Information Officer for the Maricopa Fire Department In-Studio to talk fire safety.

  • Before we get to the serious stuff, we talk food! Specifically, Headquarters Restaurant.
  • Fun talking about the community of Maricopa, Arizona.
  • What the growth of Maricopa meant to the Fire Department.
  • Is your smoke detector in the correct place? What about carbon monoxide detectors?
  • Why “Hear the Beep where You Sleep” is their slogan this year.
  • New home construction and current building materials have increased the danger of home fires compared to the past. Brad does a great job of describing why. Listen!
  • Battery versus Hardwired Smoke Detectors.
  • How Rosie’s Mom taught him not too smoke.
  • Did you know Smoke Alarms have a limited life? They do and it’s only 10 years. Stay safe and check yours!

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