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February 16, 2013


Segment 1
(running time 11:58)
Segment 2
(running time 6:51)
Segment 3
(running time 12:29)
Segment 4
(running time 6:48)

In studio with John Jay of Harper’s Nursery and Jimmy and Ryan of Summer Winds Nursery

What about edible landscape? It’s a great time to be planting!

Plant only what you want – don’t plant it if you don’t eat it!

Don’t be afraid to ask your nursery – what may seem like it will be one thing, may end up being something very different!

9:00 AM | On The House Hour

Segment 1
(running time 12:13)
Segment 2
(running time 6:34)
Segment 3
(running time 12:21)
Segment 4
(running time 7:07)


  • Bill – septic system questions as well as what is the best salt for softener?
  • Rick – can he “add on” within the perimeter of the home?

10:00 AM | Open Home Hour

Segment 1
(running time 12:39)
Segment 2
(running time 6:10)
Segment 3
(running time 12:34)
Segment 4
(running time 7:11)

In Studio with John Gluch of John Gluch Home Selling Team to

What’s happening to real estate these days?

What are all the ways to find real estate these days?

The website will give you an idea of what your home may be worth

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