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January 8, 2022


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Farm Fresh Leafy Greens!

Arizona Farm Bureau’s Julie Murphree is joined by Kami Weddle-Van Horn of Rousseau Farms.  She oversees food safety.  Kami talks about her background in food safety and what her job entails.

Arizona has led the way for food safety across America.  Climate conditions are right growing 15 types of leafy greens.

Consumption of leafy greens is low but is a must for your diet!

9:00 AM | On The House Hour

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Discussion of a Zillow report that says 72% of homeowner are planning projects or finishing remodeling projects.  Plus another study that reports where people moving to Arizona are coming from.  And short term/AirBnB type homes in neighborhoods.

CALLER:  While replacing the floor in the house they found a lot of water and mold damage around widows and front door.  Looking for help to repair that damage.

CALLER:  Previous home owners put vinyl siding panels over the drywall on the patio overhang.  Panels started to bubble and a few panels popped off the wall.

10:00 AM | Open Home Hour

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Talking with David Weedman, Aquatic Habitat Supervisor for Arizona Game And Fish.  Placing, sinking Christmas trees to create fish habitat structures at Saguaro Lake and other lakes around the state.  Some of the fish species it benefits.

Opportunities to volunteer for Arizona Game And Fish!

1/8/22 (running time 8-11AM)

Outdoor Living Hour – Farm Fresh with Arizona Farm Bureau

Join us this Saturday! We’ll be talking about #LeafyGreens and food safety with Julie Murphree of theAZ Farm Bureau and special guest Kami Weddle-Van Horn of Rousseau Farms!

On The House Hour: Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood?

When we think of neighbors, many of us tend to think of the people next door, across the street, or directly behind our houses. There are many more neighbors to consider and many factors that make each of us different. At the end of the day, we are members of the same community. Being neighborly, among other things, means being kind and helpful to those in our community……


Homeowner Topic: Open Home Hour!

Weekly To-Do Topic: #GoodNeighbor – READ MORE>> | Join us this Saturday; being a good neighbor extends beyond your neighborhood. Learn how you can help those in your community and those who are looking to be apart of your community.

Being A Good Neighbor Extends Beyond Your Neighborhood | #GoodNeighbor – READ MORE>>

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