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It’s not safe to leave your TV set outdoors unless you buy one that’s specifically designed for permanent outdoor use. 
The good news: With the wild popularity of outdoor kitchens and entertaining areas, more manufacturers are making TVs that hold up well in the elements and resist rain, dirt, insects, scratches and extreme temperatures. 
If you buy an outdoor TV, choose one that comes with: 

  • A rating for outdoor use by a reliable rating agency. 
  • A watertight enclosure to protect it from rain and a watertight cable entry system to keep you cables dry. 
  • Is compatible with your satellite, cable, DVD, VCR, personal computer or any other video sources. 
  • A non-glare screen. 
  • A corrosion-resistant, powder-coated aluminum exterior. 
  • A stand or anchor that will prevent it from tipping over or falling. 

Also, install your outdoor TV in a covered area where it will be protected from the sun.

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