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Preventing Water Waste

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Preventing Water Waste | Urban Farming

No Matter how bountiful rains may be at times, water conservation is still something everyone need to be aware of and practice.

Water – Use It Wisely offers more than 100 ways to conserve water indoors and outdoors at home, work, and school. To get you started, here are some recommendations that may surprise you, yet are easy to implement.

Note: They are numbered based on where they fall on Water – Use It Wisely’s list.


#79 | Collect water from your roof by installing gutters and downspouts. Direct the runoff to plants and trees.

#80 | For automatic water savings, direct water from rain gutters and HVAC systems to water-loving plants in your landscape.

#109 | Don’t water your lawn on windy days when most of the water blows away or evaporates.

#113 | Use a rain barrel to harvest rainwater from gutters for watering gardens and landscapes.

#114 | For hanging baskets, planters, and pots, put ice cubes on top of the soil to give your plants a cool drink of water without overflow.

Outdoor Living Home Maintenance To-Do | #PreventWaterWaste


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