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Special Guest: Sarah Maitland, Consulting Arborist

Tree of the Month: Canyon Hackberry | Scientific Name: Celtis reticulata

  • Excessive AND prolonged heat is taking its toll on Trees. Pines are really hurting.
  • Mortality Spiral | Excessive heat/Needle death/Sunburn/Beetle infestation/Branch dieback

Monthly Tree Planting Tips for October:

These questions & more are answered in the podcast segment below

  • Pruning can resume, especially mesquites and other trees that require 2x per year pruning. The pruning dose should be moderate and more for maintenance, as the pruning will hold longer due to much slower growth in the following months
  • Just like last month, you may certainly want to give your fast-growing trees a second pruning, while lightly pruning more frost-sensitive trees so they can keep or build their winter coat
  • Lawns should be over-seeded by the end of the month, with the average guideline of October 31th. Prune first to avoid dragging brush over the new lawn
  • Water can certainly be reduced, by as much as 50% for mature trees & plants, due to the much cooler night temperatures
  • There is still plenty of time to schedule your late season fertilizer and/or soil enhancement services. September through November is prime time for root systems to take up and store nutrients
  • It’s a fantastic time to plant some new trees & plants
  • Start planning your Christmas lights to wow your family, friends, and neighbors. SavATree now offers a Holiday Décor service. Let us know if we can help with your lights and holiday decorations!
  • Plant wildflower seeds now for a spring bloom – Check with your local nursery for seed
  • Apply 2-inch layer of wood chips beneath your trees:
    • Wood chips:
      • Moderate soil temperature
      • Reduce water loss through evaporation
      • Promote nitrogen cycling
      • Improve soil microbiology
      • Reduce runoff and erosion
      • Control dust
      • Control weeds

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