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Tree of the Month: Canary Island Pine

John Eisenhower of SavATree talks about the Tree of the Month, the Canary Island Pine and our Monthly Tree Topic: #SoilEnhancement

Tree of the Month: #Canaryislandpine

Scientific: Pinus canariensis

Common: Canary Island Pine


Family: Pinaceae

Origin: Canary Islands off coast of northwest Africa.

Landscape Use: Very large tree suited for large parks or commercial/public spaces.

Form & Character/Growth Habit: Cone shaped, covered with loose needles, light brown/ridged trunk,graceful, upright,

Growth Habit: Slow to grow when young, growth rate increases with age and water, can reach 100 feet tall

Foliage/Texture: Green to grayish in color, 8-12 inch long needles, medium-fine texture

Flowers & Fruits: Flowers in early spring, at 15-20 years old, it will bear cones

Seasonal Color: White growth of seasonal plant tissue in early spring


Because they are a tough tree to get growing early on, it is recommended to have an established tree added to the landscape. Overall, very heat tolerant in desert urban conditions when enough water is supplied.

Cultural Requirements:

Light: Full sun

Water: Needs a regular watering schedule to ensure the soil is appropriately watered.

Soil: Tolerant

Propagation: Seed

For more info visit:

Arizona State University’s Virtual Library of Phoenix Landscape Plants


Home Maintenance & Outdoor Living To-Do | #CanaryIslandPine #SoilEnhancement



Certified Arborist John Eisenhower discusses soil enhancements, the many benefits of wood chips, and other tips to keep your trees thriving. Testing a different type of grass besides rye for winter lawns with interesting results. Who’s responsible if a neighbor’s tree causes damage to your property? And our Tree Of The Month: The Canary Island Pine Tree.


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SavATree LogoSavATree is a commercial and residential tree care company specializing in tree maintenance and removals. They provide quality tree service to homes and businesses throughout the valley.


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