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  • Upgrade your air conditioning system’s filter to a one-inch pleated filter. It costs around $5. Change it every month.
  • Spray the bottom side of your pleated filter with an oil-based furniture polish. The oils will help the filter grab the smallest particles for the first week after you change the filter. Plus, your whole house will smell great for about half an hour after you spray the filter.
  • Invest in a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. These high-efficiency particulate air filters remove 99.97 percent of dust, animal dander, smoke, mold and other allergens from your carpet and floors, without spewing them back into the air.
  • Caulk and add weather stripping around doors, windows and electrical junction boxes. This will help keep the dusty Arizona air from getting indoors and adding to your indoor air pollution.
  • Put portable air cleaners in your family’s bedrooms. Choose portable units that have HEPA filters. Ask your salesperson to show you how to change the filter before you buy the unit, as it can be difficult to replace the filter cartridge in some of these portable cleaners.
  • Don’t be talked into wasting your money having your ducts cleaned, a job that costs several hundred dollars for only a few hours’ work. For most people, duct-cleaning has no benefit unless it’s part of a thorough cleaning of your entire air conditioning system by a licensed technician. Without a good cleaning of the air handler cabinet and coils, duct cleaning alone won’t make your air conditioner work better or reduce the dust in your house.

  • Sanderson Ford

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  • Sanderson Ford

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