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You can use LEDs (light-emitting diodes) anywhere you need light. Because they’re expensive, you might want to try a few out before you replace all of your fixtures to accommodate these cutting-edge lights.
Here are Rosie’s suggestions:

  • Accent lighting. LEDs come in an array of colors, and you can program some fixtures to make the lights change colors on a schedule. If you like colored lights, try installing LEDs as accent lights around artwork, in hallways and on staircases.
  • Task lighting. Choose a warm amber or bright white light, depending on your preference, for reading lamps, flashlights and anyplace else where you don’t have much space. LEDs are tiny and can fit almost anywhere.
  • Area lighting. Light a whole room in your house with a track of overhead LEDs. Start small, though, to make sure the color of the light is one you can live with.
  • Decorative lighting. You can hide LEDs in crown molding and dropped ceilings to show off your home’s unique architectural details.  


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