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Not all “trash” is safe to send to the landfill. Some household items, like paint, batteries, old computers and appliances have to be disposed of carefully so any hazardous chemicals they may contain don’t get into the air we breathe.

That’s why most cities, including Phoenix, Tucson and Scottsdale, collect household hazardous waste separately from regular garbage.

Each city has its own list of what it considers too “hazardous” to throw in the trash. Check these Web sites to find out which items are on your city’s list, and where and when to bring these items for disposal.


Here are other items that probably are considered “hazardous” and should never be thrown out with the regular garbage:

  • antifreeze, paint, oil, and car batteries
  • pool chemicals
  • brake-transmission-power steering fluid/degreasers
  • gasoline/diesel fuel/additives
  • varnish/turpentine/linseed oil/solvents/adhesives
  • pesticides/herbicides
  • fire extinguishers/compressed gas cylinders
  • Freon based refrigerators/freezers/watercoolers
  • air conditioners, heat pumps
  • computers/electronics
  • washers/dryers/water heaters
  • evaporative coolers s
  • toves/dishwashers residential appliances
  • stereos/audio equipment
  • televisions
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