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The quickest way to wear your washing machine out before its time is to overload it with comforters, rugs and large blankets.
Look in your owner’s manual to learn how much weight your washer’s tub can handle. Just because it looks big doesn’t mean it’s a match for a wet blanket!

Balance your load. Washers can fail when heavy loads bang around in an unbalanced machine. Tip: Don’t twist long items like sheets around the agitator. They’ll get cleaner if you place them on one side.

Replace your incoming hot-and-cold hoses every five years, even if they look ok. Tip: Replace rubber hoses with flexible, stainless steel hoses. They can bear higher water pressure and are less likely to burst.
In the market for a new washer? Buy a front-loader. The U.S. Department of Energy rates them as more energy efficient than top-loading machines because they use less water and electricity.  

Tip from Sweet Jennifer – though front loaders are wonderful in the way they clean and save water, it is a challenge to keep the front gasket clean of mold. There are things you can do to minimize the problem; regular cleaning of the gasket and leaving the door ajar, but keeping them clean is an ongoing issue with these units. Also, consider purchasing the boosters to raise the machines to make the opening easier for the elderly in your home to access.

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