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  1. Wood-lookalike doors are easier to maintain than wood. People want the look of wood without the high price tag or the hassle of the annual sanding and repainting that a wood door requires in our hot, sunny climate. The result: Garage door manufacturers are offering wood-look doors made from everything but wood: steel, aluminum, melamine and composites that require little more maintenance than an occasional hosing-down. They cost about half as much as wood doors.
  2. Composite doors are made from steel and melamine or polymers. Manufacturers say their “faux wood” composite garage doors, which sell for about the same price as wood, won’t crack, split, rust or dent under normal conditions.
  3. Energy-efficient doors can help make a garage bearable during the summer. Attaching an uninsulated garage to your house is like bolting a furnace to it. The 100-plus-degree air in there is a drain on your home’s air conditioning system if the garage is part of the house. So it’s a good idea to insulate your garage walls and ceiling—and it’s a no-brainer to buy an insulated garage door if you’re getting a new one anyway. The garage door covers the largest opening in the house, so a well-insulated one can help keep the heat out in the summer. If you air-condition your garage or use a portable cooler in it, the insulation can block the cool air from escaping.
  4. You can get a tax credit if you buy an energy-efficient garage door. Some of those insulated doors qualify for a federal tax credit equal to 30 percent of the purchase price, up to $1,500. The tax credit, which expires at the end of the year, is good only on qualifying doors if they are installed on a garage whose outdoor walls also are insulated.. The dealer who sells you your new door will know which models are eligible, and can give you a certificate that verifies you have bought a door that qualifies
  5.  “Old carriage house” is the trendy new look for garage doors. They roll up overhead, but carriage house doors look like they could swing open from the middle. Tip: Check with your homeowners’ association before you buy a carriage house-style garage door. Some associations enforce a uniform look from home to home; a carriage house door is a stylish standout.
  6. Glass isn’t just for windows anymore. If you want to show off your Harley or Ferrari, you can do it with the garage door closed—if the door is made from glass. Built in sections, the door might combine glass panels with an aluminum frame, so it will roll up and down to open and close, just like any other garage door. Some homeowners opt for see-through glass, while others prefer frosted panes for more privacy. New garage door windows are more likely to be made from double panes rather than single because the thicker glass is more energy efficient. And manufacturers are offering tints, all kinds of shapes, ornamental metal accessories, sidelites and transoms to spruce up garage doors and windows. Homeowners who embellish their garage door windows often match them to the style of the home’s front door.
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